Walter Accigliaro, seriously involved in the search for a better expression through the grafic and pictorial sign, deepens and develops that formal search that in the Fiftieshas made Alba a center point for European art, through Pinot Gallizio and his “Bauhaus of imaginist experiences”, linked to the Situationist International.

In Accigliaro paintings, who wants to freeze in a single instant the feelings of his narrative structure, there is not any figurativity…”

~ Elisabetta Tolosano, 1995


  • Dall’antro dell’attraversamento segreto
    Dall'antro dell'attraversamento segreto 2010
  • Aliam pulchritudinem exquirendo
    Aliam pulchritudinem exquirendo 2010
  • La forza della sua quiete
    La forza della sua quiete 2007

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